Catering Ideas for Weddings

Catering Ideas for weddings

Weddings have always been incredibly traditional (and somewhat “cookie-cutter”). From avoiding the cliche decorations to side-stepping the mundane food that is expected of weddings, many couples are choosing to take the road less traveled. It is becoming increasingly more popular to find unique and alternative catering ideas for weddings. It’s no surprise, most couples will spend between $2,000 and $7,000 on traditional catering! If you’re looking to get away from traditional catering ideas and try something new, try these creative catering ideas from Eden Events!

Save Money on Catering DIY

As we mentioned, traditional catering isn’t always the cheapest option and you’re likely to get the same style of food as every other wedding that you’ve been to (we’re looking at you… salmon). By taking the DIY route and coming up with your own catering ideas, not only will you save money on catering, but you will also add an incredibly special and unique touch to your wedding. You will have more input on the food, the presentation, and the truly unique feel of it all.

Keep in mind that venues may have their own catering vendors that they prefer you to use, but you can always negotiate a way to bring in your own catering options. Check with your venue to see what catering options they offer.

Tacos, Fajitas, and Traditional Mexican Dishes

Mexican food is a great choice when it comes to catering events and weddings. It can be so simple and so delicious at the same time — and it is surprisingly inexpensive. When you take this route, you can have a variety of different setups. You can choose to have a taco stand present or do it buffet style with a variety of meats and toppings from carne asada and chicken to barbacoa and al pastor. This is sure to be a crowd favorite.


Hors-D’Ouvres are a popular wedding food that usually disappears way too soon! The cocktail hour is a great time for guests to mingle while the wedding party takes pictures, but you can extend this time out by serving a buffet of Hors-D’Ouvres. Your guests will love the finger-food and cherish the opportunity to mingle with other guests.

Wood Fire Pizzas

If you’re into the causal-rustic wedding aesthetic, wood fire pizzas and beer can be an incredibly simple and attractive dinner setup. Just like there are taco trucks, there are plenty of mobile-woodfire pizza trucks that can serve parties as large as a few hundred without an issue. This can be a great catering solution for outdoor weddings where traditional kitchens are not an option.

Raw Options

It’s always a wise decision to have some vegan and vegetarian options at your wedding for the guests with dietary restrictions, but that doesn’t mean that the omnivores at the party can’t enjoy some of the options too! Raw food options are incredibly unique and delicious when prepared correctly. You can serve everything from raw Hors-D’Ouvres to raw dessert and everything in between.