Crucial Tips For The Groom

Crucial Tips For The Groom

There are certain tropes about men and how they should leave all of the wedding planning to their future wives, but the reality is that the groom should and does play a vital role in planning a wedding. But weddings often focus heavily on the bride and her duties, but what about the groom? What responsibilities should they take on in planning the wedding? Planning a wedding can be stressful and even make you feel overwhelmed with how much there may be to do but worry not! Eden Events is here with some crucial tips for the groom.

Share the Responsibilities

First things first, the responsibilities of planning a wedding shouldn’t fall entirely on one party or the other. The best way to accomplish the most without burning out the bride or groom is to share the workload. This means that while many issues will require both party’s opinions, the groom can take responsibility for half of the tasks. If you are passionate about booking live entertainment, more power to you. But here are two examples of how you can share the workload:

Go Through the Guestlist

While you may share many close personal friends with your fiancée, you likely have your own friends from college, extended family, and colleagues that you would like to invite to your wedding. It’s a good idea to create a preliminary list of guests on your side of the relationship who you would like to invite to your wedding. The bride should do the same.

Once you have these preliminary lists, come together to sort through the list and create a final guest list (pending RSVP, of course). There may be people who you need to remove from the list for conflict reasons, travel, or because of a cap that you set on how many guests you want to attend. Some couples prefer smaller weddings while some see no issue with inviting the whole town.

Find the Perfect Venue

Once you have a guest list and a number in mind for how many people may attend your wedding, you can find the perfect wedding venue. You will need to take into consideration where you want the wedding rehearsal, the wedding ceremony, and the wedding reception to be. You may want to select a venue that offers catering, music, decor, and professional staff in-house to save on costs.

This works best if one partner searches for venues and presents them to the other for their opinion. The groom can take on this responsibility as well as being in charge of calling the venue and booking a tour.