Choosing Your Damas and Chambelanes

Choosing your Damas and Chambelanes

A Quinceanera is an incredible milestone in life that celebrates the coming of age of a young woman. At Eden Events, we understand the pressure that comes with choosing your Damas and Chambelanes, so we’ve outlined some ways to make the decision a little easier. From dancing to entertaining, the responsibilities of the Court of Honor are truly great, but it will all be worth it by the time your wonderful celebration is in full swing.

Determine the Size of Your Court of Honor

Choosing your Damas and Chambelanes all starts with knowing how many people you will have in your Court of Honor. The size of your Court will impact a few financial aspects of the Quinceanera, so it is important to sit and talk with your parents about how large the Court can be. Traditionally, the Court of Honor will consist of 14 or 15 members.
This usually breaks down to 7 Damas and 7 Chambelanes. Depending on the custom, there may even be a Dama de Honor. That being said, the size of the Court of Honor can be as big or as small as you would like. Just remember that the Court will have to perform a dance and each member will have to learn some choreography. Because of this, too large of a Court may not be the best idea.

Make a Preliminary List

Before you go asking all of your closest friends to join in on your Quinceanera, make a list of people who would make a good fit. What qualities should you look for in your potential Court of Honor? Ideally, your Court should consist of outgoing friends who are not afraid to be put on the spot. They will have to perform a dance in front of the entire party after all.
When you make this list, you should also put down friends who you know are reliable. Being a part of the Court of Honor is a serious time commitment that requires practice and a high level of dedication. Choose friends who you know will be willing and able to put the time in.

Where to Look for Your Court

Finding the members for your Court of Honor may be challenging because you are asking a time commitment of your friends. It is also quite common to have a difficult time finding Chambelanes. Do not worry though!
Your Court of Honor will traditionally consist of family and friends who are around your age (15 or so). It may be wise to ask your friends from school, church, or clubs that you belong to, and any cousins that close in age.

Keep an Open Mind, People May Say No

As we mentioned, planning a Quinceanera is a time-consuming task that can require the Court of Honor to dedicate quite a bit of time and effort into rehearsing. Because of this time commitment, people may respectfully decline your invitation. Try to be understanding that this is not personal, but that some people may not have the time or money to participate as a Dama or a Chambelan.