DJ Services

There are plenty of reasons as to why you want to have a DJ at your wedding, Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Graduation Party, or conference. Having a DJ at your special event can elevate the experience by providing a custom and a uniquely curated soundtrack to your celebration.

Eden Events Houston TX DJ Services

When you have a DJ you don’t have to worry about the music dying down in between each song while the next song slowly builds. DJs specialize in mixing one song into the next to keep the flow of the music going. It may not seem like a big deal, but your guests will notice each time one track ends.

Our DJs offer more than just music. At Eden Events our DJs offer comprehensive personalization, creative involvement, event direction, a talented spokesperson, music programming, appropriate and quality amplification.

A special event DJ can also act as a designated MC, announcing when it is time for a toast or when it is time to start the designated party games. This is especially important at baby showers and birthday parties where games are an important part of the festivities.

Special Event DJ

Take your next special event to the next level with Eden Event’s professional DJ service. We use only the latest sound gear and lighting to ensure that your special event has the highest quality audio. With a wide variety of music genres to choose from, you can ensure that your event will have the perfect soundtrack.

Eden Events Houston TX Special Event DJ


DJs for weddings

Regardless of how large or how modest your wedding is, the success of your special day rides on the entertainment. Eden Events’ professional wedding DJs masterfully create a custom soundtrack to make your first dance the most special dance of your life.

Eden Event’s DJs provide your wedding with comprehensive personalization to ensure your perfect playlist, creative involvement and event direction that make your special day fun and exciting while running smoothly. Our DJs also ensure the quality of production meets and exceeds expectations.

DJs for Conferences

Live entertainment for a wedding and for a corporate conference are two very different vibes. While you have a lot more wiggle room for what will work at a wedding or at a birthday party, you will need a professional DJ that has experience playing music for a professional corporate crowd. At Eden Events, our DJs know how to make promote camaraderie and improve morale for all of your attendees while delivering with a level of professionalism that reflects your institution.