Overlooked Issues When Planning an Event

Overlooked Issues When Planning and Event

At Eden Events, we’re no strangers to planning events. We regularly help our customers plan weddings, birthdays, and special events and we often see crucial elements of event planning that are often overlooked. While we’re known for planning and hosting elegant, fun, and successful events, we see some aspects of event planning continuously forgotten. Our event planners are here to make sure that your event is a success from inception until the day of. Here are the most overlooked issues when planning an event and how to avoid them.

Unexpected Costs

Creating a budget is one of the most important aspects of planning anything. Without knowing how much you can afford to spend on an event, there is no way that you can proceed to book an event venue and all of the services that are crucial to your event’s success such as entertainment, food, and beverage. Yet, sometimes we find that sometimes the initial budget that is planned does not include any wiggle room for unextended costs.

There are a few common items that incur unexpected costs when it comes to planning an event such as linens, cutlery, and forgotten items. When you book an event, you might see that tables and chairs are included but not know that you will have to pay extra for the setup and decorating tables. Always ask your event coordinator about which expenses you should prepare ahead of time.

Untimely Planning

One of your biggest enemies when planning an event can be time if you’re not careful. There are many aspects of planning an event that can’t wait until the last minute and unless you are organized and stay on top of deadlines, you will likely run into many time constraints. In order to avoid the issues caused by untimely planning, you should keep a to-do list that details tasks and deadlines.

Help Being Spread Too Thin

Another commonly overlooked issue when planning an event is not having enough help the day of. While you may be an expert lone-wolf when it comes to planning parties, planning a large event can require more help than you think. You will need to make sure that you book enough staff members to handle back of house services while still being able to attend to the needs of your guests. At Eden Events, we have professional staff who are prepared to meet the needs of any size event.

Adding a Personal Touch

Finally, always remember to add a personal touch to your events. It can be very easy to get tunnel-vision and plan an event that looks elegant, has enough linens and staff, but that lacks something that you can’t purchase — that special thing that makes your event yours. What music, games, food, or entertainment are special to you and your guests? Sometimes these touches are of cultural significance and they can make all the difference!