How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Office Party

How to plan the perfect holiday office party

As Fall quickly approaches, so does the wave of Halloween and Holiday themed office parties that are sure to involve plenty of spooky decorations and sweet treats. An office party is a long-standing tradition that brings coworkers together to celebrate their shared accomplishments, to celebrate their friendship and their comradery. Office parties have been proven time and time again to boost morale and make the final push of the year to and to end things on a high note.

While office parties boost morale, they can be tricky and time-consuming endeavors. Try these Eden Events tips and tricks to plan the perfect holiday office party.

1. Decide on a theme for the office party

Choosing the perfect theme for your holiday office party is a crucial part of your office party’s success. While the theme of the party will surely be dictated by the holiday that your party lands on, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it.

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your holiday office parties. Make it a masquerade, costume, or ugly-sweater party!

2. Make a budget

While it may seem obvious, you can’t have a party with no budget! Well, even then, you still can! If you have thrown parties in the past, you may already have a number in mind. Your budget can be spent on food, beverages, decorations, superlative awards, or a venue.

3. Select a venue

Choosing the right venue that can meet the size and needs of your office party is crucial to the success of your holiday office party. If you plan to have a small office party where you only need to host a few people, you may be able to host your party at the office!

This is a great option for saving some money on a venue. On the other hand, if you plan on having a large office party with multiple departments or a large guest list, you may find that a banquet hall or event space may be a better fit.

4. Set the office party dress code

Once you know where your holiday office party will take place and what the theme of it will be, you can choose to set a dress code. While most office parties are business casual, you may decide to ask everyone to dress up to make the occasion a little more special. Choosing the dress code for your party can be as simple as staying in theme, like wearing an ugly sweater.

5. Recognize individuals

Perhaps the most important part of any holiday party is celebrating the accomplishments of your employees and showing them that you appreciate their contributions to the team. Awards can be a fun and inexpensive way to highlight your office culture.

Superlatives can include everything from who had the highest sales, to best dressed, to “most likely to…” awards. Your awards can be certificates or include treats, prizes, or gift cards. Be sure to keep things fun and lighthearted while showing that you recognize their achievements.