How to Plan a Homecoming Dance


Planning a homecoming high school dance can feel like one of the hardest events that you will ever have to plan. There is so much pressure to get things right and there will be so many people in attendance that you will need to perfectly balance budgeting and time management to get it done! Don’t fret!

At Eden Events, we believe in helping create the perfect event! With Homecoming around the corner, try this checklist for how to plan a homecoming dance.

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is an American tradition that celebrates the start of a new school year and welcoming back all of the former students by throwing a dance! While this tradition is wildly popular at every high school, the tradition even extends to colleges and universities!

Form a Committee

Planning a Homecoming dance can be a lot of work, almost too much work, for one person. One of the best things that you can to facilitate this monumental task is to form a committee that will help weigh in on ideas as well as help execute them efficiently.

Your homecoming event planning committee should include your class officers and faculty advisors who will help facilitate your event planning experience. Your class treasurer and the faculty and staff at your school are vital to the success of planning your homecoming event.

Additionally, a homecoming committee makes delegating tasks easy. While one group is working on choosing a theme, another group can work on securing food, a venue, and entertainment.

Secure a Date and Venue

Once your homecoming committee is selected it is time to start delegating those tasks! Of all of the tasks that need to be handled, the most important is securing a date (not a dance partner), and securing a venue.

Homecoming usually takes place at the start of a new school year, which means that traditionally, homecoming is usually held around late September or October. This timeframe is perfect because it gives the new student body time to get settled in and plan a dance early enough in the year to be a welcome back!

While most high school dances can usually take place on campus in the gym, the cafeteria, or a multipurpose room, it is quite common to host a high school dance at an event space, hotel, and banquet hall!


While it is not necessary to offer a 5-star, fancy meal, most attendees would be happy just to have some delicious snacks and plenty of beverages to keep energy high while they dance the night away!


You can’t have a dance without any music, can you? There are several directions that you can take when choosing the right entertainment for your homecoming dance. While you could choose a solid playlist, this is a special occasion and you should choose to have live entertainment. A DJ is a great go-to for highschool dances because they can ease one song into the next and play all of the popular songs at the moment.

Most event spaces will have a list of DJs that they work with regularly and they may even offer special pricing!