Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again where the whole office comes together to celebrate one more year of successes! Planning a corporate holiday party can be a fun way to relax and celebrate the holiday season with your co-workers. If you want your holiday office party to be a success, follow this event planning guide from Eden Events.

Determine the Type of Event

Before you go out and book a venue, you will want to settle on what kind of event would suit your corporate holiday party. The two most common holiday office parties are luncheons and evening holiday parties. While the main difference between these two parties is the time and setting, they essentially require the same level of planning.

Would your office party be better during the workweek? Treat your team to a much-needed break from work and go with a luncheon!

If you want to celebrate with your coworkers on the weekend, then an evening party on a Saturday is the way to go!

Set the Date and Time

Once you know what type of event to choose you can move ahead with selecting a date that works best. Make sure to send out the invitations to everyone in the office so they can save the date as well.

Choose a venue and a caterer

With a clear idea of what kind of corporate holiday party that you throwing and a date in mind, call your favorite Houston event space and lock in the venue. Talk to your event coordinator at the venue and select a menu that your employees will love.

The benefit of using a venue and not using the office for a holiday party is that venues offer packages that include music, catering, photography and photo booths, and so much more. It really makes your corporate holiday party a memorable one.

Book the Entertainment

A successful holiday party will feature music (DJs are great for this as they can also MC and direct your party attendees. You may also want to book a photo booth with props to give your guests a nice keepsake.

Create an Agenda

A holiday agenda will help you keep track of time and keep the event moving along.

Determine Your Alcohol Policy

You will also want to determine what your holiday office party’s alcohol policy will be. Will you be serving alcohol? If so, will you limit consumption to only a few drinks? Drink tickets are a great way to keep your employees from overdoing the spirits.

Your venue may also have a bartender on staff to help keep things under control so that everyone can have a fun and safe holiday party.

Remember to Recognize Employee Achievements

Finally, while you have all of your employees in one place, remember to congratulate them on their achievements with superlatives. Recognizing their hard work can be a great way to wrap up the holiday party.