5 Tips for Planning a Fall Wedding

5 Tips for planning a Fall Wedding

A Fall wedding can be a beautiful experience that puts cool weather, colorful foliage, and seasonal treats front-and-center. Outdoor weddings can be a great way to incorporate all of these Autumn elements, but planning the perfect Fall wedding can be tricky. Try these tips from Eden Events for planning a Fall wedding.

Keep the Weather in Mind

After Labor Day, the weather starts to drop and leaves cover the ground. While this is an incredibly scenic and beautiful time of year, it makes for some rather unpredictable weather. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding that incorporates these autumn elements, you will have to keep the weather in mind. The last thing you want is for your guests to be overcome by a cold front, rain, or allergies.

Always keep a back-up plan in your pocket for a sudden change of plans. Sometimes you may not have a clue that it will rain on your wedding day until the day off. By then, it will be too late to reschedule or plan an alternative. Make sure that you plan ahead of time and have a tent or indoor location to hold your wedding ceremony and reception.

Use Seasonal Décor and Flowers

One of the main allures of having a Fall wedding is incorporating all of the festive seasonal décors. One of the benefits of incorporating seasonal decorations and flowers is that they are more readily available and as a result, more cost-effective than using flowers that are out of season. While you may not get bouquets of your favorite flower this time of year, you will have a wide variety of seasonal colors and flowers to choose from.

Combining your favorite Fall flowers with some seasonal “fillers” will help create a colorful and vibrant bouquet. Some popular Fall flowers include dahlias, anemones, antique hydrangeas, and traditional roses.

A Seasonal Menu

Perhaps one of the most common associations that we make with this time of year, are the associations that we make with the food. With the cooler weather, we gravitate to warm, colorful, and hearty dishes that always fan favorites. A seasonal menu will allow you to incorporate a menu that matches the fall décor will not only taste great, but it also gives your wedding a cohesive feeling. You can include apples, pumpkins, s’ mores, and seasonal soups like parsnip, pumpkin, or tomato!

Fall Wedding Themes

There are plenty of Fall wedding themes that you can choose to match your unique style and aesthetic! In keeping with the theme of incorporating Fall elements, you can always choose to have an outdoor wedding with a rustic autumn theme. Bare wooden tables, apples, and bright foliage make for a dream-like wedding.

Pick Your Fall Wedding Date Carefully

One of the disadvantages of having a Fall wedding is that it comes at a time of year that is flooded with holidays and travel. This means that it may be hard for your guests to commit to a date that they may be out of town for or have a prior engagement. While this may not be a big issue if you plan on having a small wedding, it does complicate somethings.