Planning a Winter Formal

Planning a Winter Formal

Winter formals are very common and popular events that organizations hold, especially at the end of the year. Winter formals are generally banquets where an organization can present its members with superlatives and celebrate a successful year. But planning a winter formal can be stressful and time-consuming. Follow this list from Eden Events to make sure that your winter formal is one to remember for years.


Choosing the right venue for your winter formal is crucial. Choosing the right venue can make or break your event. The right venue is one that can accommodate the size of your party, offers catering, and enough professional staff to handle the needs of all of your guests.

Depending on how much time you have and how much you are willing to work, hiring an event coordinator may save you some time and money. Most venues will have an event planner on staff who can do a lot of the heavy lifting.


Choosing the right décor for your winter formal can be challenging. Unless you really have an eye for event planning, you may struggle here. Don’t sweat it though! The right venue will provide you with several options to choose from in order to customize your winter formal. If your venue offers an event planner, they would be able to help you pick the right décor for your event.


Part of hosting a winter formal is treating all of your guests with a delicious and elegant meal. You can choose to have a restaurant cater to your event or you can see if your venue offers catering. You can usually get a better price if you bundle services through your venue.

Activities and Entertainment

Once you secure a venue and figure out what catering options you would like to go with, you should focus on what activities and entertainment your guests would enjoy. Having an interactive photobooth is a crowd favorite. At Eden Events, we offer a variety of entertainment options from photo booths to DJs that your guests are sure to love.


Choosing the right music when planning your winter formal can be more difficult than you’d think. There are a few routes that you could choose to go to, though. One of the most cost-effective and simple options would be to create a playlist and connect to the venue’s public address system. Another option, which we recommend, is having a DJ spin in order to keep the party going. A DJ can play the room and can switch up the mood in real-time to get people up and dancing. The DJ can also help dismiss tables and guests to get food in an organized manner.