Planning Your Wedding Rehearsal

Planning Your Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding planning process is a busy one! At times, it can feel chaotic as you run around from vendor to event space making sure that you have everything that you need for your special day. There really are so many moving parts to planning a wedding most importantly the wedding party. From their grand entrance to the ceremony and the procession, they will need to know when to move and where to stand. That’s where the wedding rehearsal comes in. More planning? No worries! Try these easy tips from Eden Events for planning your wedding rehearsal that will surely make the eve of your wedding feel like a breeze.

Decide Who Is Hosting

Traditionally, the groom’s parents organize and pay for the wedding rehearsal but honestly, nowadays anything goes! It’s best to decide as a couple who will plan your wedding rehearsal so that the workload is evenly distributed.

Create A Guest List

As with just about every other aspect of planning your wedding, you will need to create a guest-list to know who will be attending. This will make it easier when the time comes to pick a venue and dinner accommodations for the event. Traditionally this rehearsal dinner will include the close family of the couple, those participating in the ceremony, and even your out-of-town guests.

Choose The Best Day To Host Your Rehearsal

Traditionally, wedding rehearsals are held the night before the wedding is scheduled. If your wedding is scheduled for a Saturday, having a rehearsal dinner Friday night would work out best! This makes sure that everything that you go over at the rehearsal will be fresh in everyone’s mind the next day!

Keep It Casual

Weddings are formal enough as it is! Keep your wedding rehearsal casual and comfortable for guests who are meeting each other for the first time. You’ll be in wedding attire for the entire wedding ceremony and reception, so keep it casual to encourage your guests to loosen up.

Have Your Favorite Restaurant Cater

Wedding rehearsals don’t have to be as over the top and elegant as the wedding reception. So you can save a lot of time and money by hosting your wedding rehearsal at your favorite restaurant or having them cater. Restaurant staff can handle everything from the menu and the cocktails to the music and atmosphere.

Pass the Mic Around!

Wedding rehearsals are really the last night that everyone will be together before the big day! This is one last opportunity to pass the microphone around and let your closest friends and family members say something nice or personal before you get married. Your closest friends and relatives may want to give a toast or possibly roast you in good humor of course!

Finally, make any last-minute reminders that you need to make. Does everyone know the time, locations, and any items that they need to bring? Perfect!