Top 5 Quinceañera Trends

Top 5 Quinceanera Trends

A Quinceañera is a tradition that goes back ages in Hispanic and Latin American cultures that is comparable to a Sweet 16 but really has more in common with a ball pulled from a fairytale. The traditional customs of a Quinceañera incorporate religion, family, and theatrics. While some of these rites of passage customs are traditional, it’s not uncommon to incorporate unique touches and trends that make for a more personal ceremony! Check out these Top 5 Quinceañera trends from Eden Events.

Bright and Bold Dresses

Bright Dresses

Traditionally,  dresses are white and pink, depending on where you go. While this is traditional, it’s becoming more and more popular to see brightly colored dresses. This can transform you and make you feel like you are among royalty. Many dress colors are going towards bright and bold colors like emerald green, rose gold, burgundy, and even black and gold.

Modern Styles

Quinceañera dresses are traditionally large, bulky, ball-gowns, but as time progresses, the style of dress the La Quinceañera wears is becoming more and more modern. It is more common to find dresses that are less bulky and more functional.

Make Your Quinceañera Modern

Just because Quinceañeras are deeply rooted in tradition, that doesn’t mean that yours needs to be “traditional.” Give a modern touch by incorporating modern party themes and activities to you Quinceañera. You can add a modern spin to you Quinceañera by adding popular touches like donut walls, photo booths (an iPad and some on-theme props will do the job!), and fun party props!

Themed Quinceañera

Having a themed Quinceañera is a great way to add some trendy flair to your rite of passage. A common theme is the “royal wedding” theme. This theme goes hand in hand with the customary Quinceañera tradition of ball-gowns, a Court of Honor, tiaras, and a choreographed waltz.

The VIP Quinceañera Treatment

Traditionally, Quinceañeras are large events that start with the whole family attending Mass and then moving the after-party to a banquet hall. One of the ways that you can add a twist by giving your guests of honor the VIP treatment. You may still spend the same amount of money on your Quinceañera, but you will have a more luxe event.

Up Lighting

It can be hard to not blow your whole budget on the venue and decorations for your special event. You can save a lot on decorating by setting up some Up-Lighting. Up-Lighting is a relatively new trend at weddings and Quinceañeras that incorporate upward-pointing lights to add colors and draw attention to the walls of your event space. The lighting, shadows, and colors created by Up-Lighting will “WOW!” your guests from the moment they walk in until the lights go off and the party goes home.