Service Staff

Allow our trained service staff to help make your event run smoothly from start to finish. Our team of event coordinators, waiters, bartenders, photographers, caterers, drivers, and DJs to name a few, are professionals with incredible personalities that will make your event truly special. From planning, setting up, to cleaning everything up after the event, our goal is to deliver a worry-free experience.

Eden Events Houston TX Service Staff

Event coordinators

Planning a Wedding, Quinceanera, Sweet 16, conference, or any large event can be a massive headache only rivaled by the size of the guest list. Let our experienced team of professional event coordinators handle planning the meticulous details of your upcoming event. Our event coordinators can handle even the largest events. Our event coordinators will work with you to understand your wants, needs, and budget and deliver an incredible event that wows all in attendance.


Don’t spend the entirety of your special event worrying about preparing food and serving your guests. Our team of experienced waiters provides your special event with a much-appreciated touch of professionalism and timeliness. Your guests will appreciate the amazing interpersonal skills exhibited by each and every one of your wait staff who works diligently to bring them their food and beverages.

At Eden Events, we offer our clients a variety of catering services that cover all of the bases from creating the menu to preparing the food and making sure that your guests enjoy a delicious, warm meal as you envisioned! Our wait staff is perfect for Weddings, Conferences, Birthdays and Graduations.

Eden Events Houston TX Service Waiters


It’s not a party until the bartender makes an appearance! At Eden Events, our staff of highly knowledgeable and experienced bartenders provides your guests with a fully stocked bar. Our bartenders are experts at preparing a variety of unique and traditional cocktails to keep the party going.

A trained and professional bartender can also help ensure that things run smoothly. Our bartenders help manage the ordering and inventory of beverages to ensure that you don’t run out of beverages mid-celebration. Bartenders handle everything from stocking the bar with enough ice, making a proper drink, and breaking down the bar when the party ends.


One of the biggest reasons that people don’t throw large events is because they can’t imagine cleaning up the aftermath. By the time the party’s over, everyone is worn out from dancing, mingling, and eating all of the cake they could! Eden Events’ service staff makes breaking down and cleaning up after a large special event painless and worry-free! Our staff is experienced when it comes to cleaning as they go and making quick work of even the largest events! Save yourself the stress of cleaning up after your guests and revel the festivities with them.