Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

Usually, planning an event is pretty dependent on having a venue to host your event. It’s one of the larger, more important aspects of planning any event. Choosing the right venue for your event can influence the overall experience of your guests as it usually also encompasses aspects of event planning such as catering options, the date of the event, and the location. At Eden Events, we understand that having the perfect venue for your event can either make or break the event! So we’re sharing a list of things to consider when choosing your event venue to make sure that you make the best choice.

When to Start Looking for a Venue

Okay, so you’ve settled on throwing an event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or work event function. Maybe you know that you will be planning this event far enough in advance that you don’t need to book a venue immediately. But when do you know it’s the right time to book a venue.

The short answer is that, in order to secure the exact date that you want, you will need to book your venue as early as possible. That being said, there are a few prerequisites that you should have in mind before you go and put a deposit down for a venue.

Before booking any venue, or even searching for one for that matter, you need to have a good idea of the scope of your event. What is the budget? How many will be in attendance? How much space do you need? Our venue offers all-inclusive packages for different size events.

Once you know this, you can call your preferred event venue and confirm those days for your event.

You May Also Consider the Following When Choosing Your Event Venue:

Location – This seems obvious, but where are you hosting the event? Should you choose somewhere near the airport for easy access or somewhere with a stellar view to wow your guests?

Parking – If you have a large number of guests attending, does your venue have enough parking to accommodate? If not, would it be reasonable to organize special event parking and shuttle services?

Services and Amenities – What services and amenities do the venues offer? Can they provide catering, music, and service staff if needed?

Ambiance – What is the general theme or vibe that you are going for with your event? Does the event venue that you are looking at easily fit that theme or will you need to invest more for decorating the venue? Certain venues are better suited to host weddings, birthdays, and galas than they are expos and concerts. This something to consider.

Cost and Flexibility of Event

Finally, you will need to consider the cost and flexibility of your event. You may find that you can get a better price at the venue of your choice if the date of your event is flexible. For example, if you want to book a venue during a high-demand day, week, or season, you may need to pay more as opposed to being flexible and booking a day with less demand.