Things To Do After Your Wedding


Your wedding is a magical day that took a lot of planning, time, and effort but that can leave you feeling peacefully exhausted! After a few long stressful months of constantly working towards your special wedding day, you may be wondering “what now?” At Eden Events, we have just the answer for you! Try these things to do right after your wedding day!


First things first, relax! You’ve worked hard to throw the wedding of your dreams, the only thing on your mind the next morning should be to relax with your new spouse and take in the new feeling of being married. Sleep in, have a slow-paced morning and enjoy each other’s company.

Open Presents

If you set up a registry for your wedding, you should spend some time going through all of the cards and gifts that your family and friends gave you. Spend some time keeping track of who sent what gift so that you can send out a thank you card later!

Have a Special Brunch

Having a post-wedding brunch is a great way to keep the party going with your loved ones without any of the pressure that having a wedding reception can bring. Hosting a brunch the day after your wedding is becoming a more and more common tradition. Invite your parents, grandparents, and your wedding party and get together for brunch and mimosas and enjoy more one on one time with your loved ones!

Have a Spa Day

One of the best things to do right after your wedding is planning a spa day for yourself and your spouse. There’s nothing better than indulging and treating yourself to a day of relaxation, massages, facials, and a mud bath.

Change Your Legal Name

If you’re about it, you should take the time to change your last name! While this is mostly traditional and it doesn’t really matter if you do it or not, some people like the idea of taking their partner’s last name. Take the time to get all of your legal documents together that you will need to legally change your last name and get ready to let your boss and HR know that you have a new last name!

Send out Thank You Notes

If you had friends and family go to your wedding and maybe even bring you some nice gifts, send them “thank you” notes to let them know how much you appreciate them! Try not to put this off for too long after your honeymoon.

Get the Wedding Album Together

You hired a wedding photographer, it’s time to get a wedding album together! Don’t just settle for throwing your digital photo album online or on Facebook, take those digital images and turn them into a real photo album. The last thing you would ever want to deal with is losing your photo album to a crashed hard drive or a lost password. Having a physical photo album is also a great keepsake that you can look through with your family in the future.