5 Must “To-Dos” for Engaged Couples

5 Must “To-Dos” For Engaged Couples

Your wedding is not only a ceremony that locks you in for the long haul with your partner, but it’s also a celebration of your relationship and the many years to come. Part of celebrating your relationship is sharing the past memories that have brought you to where you are today as a couple. Make sure you cross off these Eden Events must “to-dos” for engaged couples.

Engaged Couples Must…

#1 Get All of Your Couple Photos Together

Having all of the photos of you two in one place will make it a lot easier to choose what photos you want to put on the wedding announcement! In the digital age, many couples find themselves creating wedding websites, facebook pages, etc., for their wedding announcements and registries. This is a lot easier if you have all of your favorite pictures in one place before you start!

#2 Engaged Couples Need to Decide What Kind of Wedding They Want

Once you’ve popped the question, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about what kind of wedding you and your partner want! A lot of your wedding planning will be contingent on what style, theme, size, location, and venue you want to have for your special day.

This is where your dream wedding comes into play. Where do you envision your wedding? Is it indoors or outdoors? What season is it? How big of a wedding is it? What is the theme?

All of these things will impact how big your guest list is, how much of your budget should be allocated to what, and so on.

#3 Create a Guest List

Now that you know how large of a wedding party you want, it’s time to start inviting your friends and family. Make a list of all of the people you and your partner want to attend your wedding and start getting all of the addresses down as you go. Give yourself plenty of time to get those “save the date’s” out!

#4 Determine Your Priorities

The unfortunate reality about planning any event is that because of time and money constraints, you always have to have some willingness to compromise. Because of this, it is important to have a list of your priorities laid out. Determine what is an absolute must and what is just a want. This will make it easier IF you need to make concessions.

This will also help you when you are creating your wedding budget. You will have a better idea of what you want to spend money on first!

#5 Set a Budget for Your Special Day

When you’re in a serious relationship, such as engaged couples, you will inevitably have to talk openly and honestly about finances, so don’t shy away from this aspect! Will you be paying for your wedding yourself? Will anyone else, like your parents, be contributing? How much are you realistically comfortable spending on a wedding? All of these things matter and it’s best to decide early on so you have plenty of time to search for the best possible prices.